About Debra

I am a mum of 4 who is lucky enough to be doing my dream job!  I am a passionate about what I do.  I love to teach antenatal, baby massage and family first Aid classes.  It is a pleasure to be involved with so many families  at the start of their exciting journeys and then to see them grow up as I am still in touch with families who children are from my first course 15 years ago!

My vision is simple to share this precious experience and expertise with you so that you can really feel informed and empowered as you start out on your family life.

I was born in South Africa and moved to England in the mid 80’s to be with my husband Maarten, who I met in Austrian skiing. We have  now lived in Maidenhead for 21 years now with our four children.

Baby Matters is a culmination of over 19 years of training and highly specialized ante and post natal experience

Areas of expertise

  • Group facilitation and guidance

  • Creating a welcoming, safe, lively, fun and supportive environment in which individuals and couples can learn and make new friends

  • Evidence based information

  • Facilitating post-natal discussion

  • Teaching IAIM (international association of infant massage) massage techniques

  • Providing parents with a comfortable, friendly, nurturing environment to confidently discover new skills

  • First Aid Training

Why do a course?


With over 15 years experience teaching 150 plus ante natal courses, working with more than 1200 couples and delivering in excess of 130 baby massage courses with more than 1300 babies, you can rest assured that you are getting one of the very best and most experienced coaches available in the UK.


Not only will you make some great friends from your local area,I have lived in Maidenhead for over 20 years. Baby Matters has built a strong relationship with the local baby and family community so we can offer recommendations to a local network of experienced therapists (reflexologist, cranial osteopaths etc), as well as pregnancy classes (yoga pilates), baby class (swimming etc), nutritionists not to mention help with baby friendly local venues– all invaluable local intelligence to help you get the most out of family life.


I make sure that there is consistency by delivering the entire course, allowing us to build a rapport and understanding of your particular journey, concerns and desires. Whilst the course has clear content, I am able to tailor some of the information to your individual needs or that of the group.


The ante-natal course itself consists of 5 evenings and 1 full Saturday or weekend workshops and offers a blend of key information, but as importantly practical hands on experience. We can offer as much flexibility as possible to fit the needs of the group regarding dates, days and times to meet.


Baby Matters delivers completely unbiased information and is not affiliated to any lobbing or policy agenda on natural birth or feeding methods. This means we can give you the widest range of guidance and advice to suit you – ranging from a natural to high intervention labour, bottle feeding to breastfeed – all these decisions are firmly in your hands.

On-going support

We don’t believe in walking away once the course is complete and your baby has arrived. I am there for advice and support if you need any and after the course is complete we encourage a 4 week regular coffee morning or afternoon to support you and your local group.

Birth stories

It was Wednesday morning and 5 days before due date when…
I had ticked off all of my ‘things to do before having…
On the 20th October 2012, the day after my due date, I gave…
FANTASTIC! – I was concerned about attending the course as I was so tired and thought we could use the money for a nice meal out! However, we did attend and both my husband and I are so pleased we did.
Christina Langton-Rose
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