Charity work in Kenya

At Baby Matters we are delighted to support a number of great charities in Kenya that supports women & children who are not as fortunate as us.

Former Maidenhead Babymatters mum Angela who lived in Kenya arranges for the items to go to her friends still there. They in turn take the items to orphanages, birthing units and schools and partner with local charities to distribute the items directly to Kenya children who need our help the most. This includes a charity helping children being raised in prison and a mobile medical unit that last autumn distributed over 300 of our clothing packs to mothers and children living in severe poverty in both urban and isolated rural areas.

We are currently working with a new charity to get all your donated items to the places that they are needed the most.

Charity work in Maidenhead

Previous events

Beach party Sunday 29 June 2014

Turtle Tots swimmers & local parents go to extra lengths to support local midwives.

From the delivery suite to the deep-end, local mum of two Jodi O’Connor, owner of baby swimming business, Turtle Tots and Debra Jonckers, founder of antenatal group Baby Matters,  joined forces to run a fund raising Splashathon for local babies and toddlers to attend.

The Beach Party is was held to try and raise over £3,500 for a specialist piece of equipment, urgently needed by local community midwives. They hoped tp raise enough money to buy a Draeger Jaundice Meter, which measures the Jaundice levels of new born babies. This piece of equipment will help prevent new parents making a possibly unnecessary journey to hospital, as the midwives will be able to measure how severe the babies jaundice levels are at home.

Debra’s baby massage classes provide mums and babies with the opportunity to learn and practice lovely massage techniques. Afterwards we chat about topics relevant to new mums e.g Weaning, over a cup of tea. It is an excellent continuation of the practical support provided by the ante-natal course. And my baby loves his massage!
Melanie – Midwife

The baby massage classes are well worth attending. Not only does it benefit your baby but also benefits you by spending time with new mums. The partner session was excellent and ensured that my partner also felt included. We still massage daily after bath as part of our bedtime routine which she loves.

Suzy mother of Olivia
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