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About me
About Debra

I am a mum of 4 who is lucky enough to be doing my dream job!  I am passionate about what I do - I love to teach antenatal, baby massage and family first aid classes.  It is a pleasure to be involved with so many families at the start of their exciting journeys and then to see them grow up – I’m still in touch with families from my first course 20 years ago!

My vision is simple to share this precious experience and expertise with you so that you can really feel informed and empowered as you start out on your family life.

babymatters is a culmination of over 20 years of training and highly specialised ante and post natal experience. I trained and worked for the NCT before I started babymatters so I could concentrate to provide the best possible local antenatal and postnatal support.

Skills & priorities
  • Antenatal education trained by NCT

  • First aid qualified instructor, trained by Protraining

  • Baby massage instructor, trained and insured by IAIM

  • Dealing with family conflict trained by parentingmatters

  • Group facilitation and guidance

  • Creating a welcoming, safe, lively, fun and supportive environment in which individuals and couples can learn and make new friends

  • Evidence based information

  • Facilitating post-natal discussion

  • Teaching IAIM (international association of infant massage) massage techniques

  • Providing parents with a comfortable, friendly, nurturing environment to confidently discover new skills

  • Fully insured through holistic insurance 

  • Registered with FEDANT (Federation of antenatal teachers)

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"Debra’s ante-natal courses gives up to date information and encouragement and allows both mums and dads to be, to form a unique and much needed support group during this challenging life changing event!"


- Dr Suzanna Hayter GP

At BabyMatters we are proud to be...


A registrant of FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators), National Registration Number: 11884

A member of IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage)

Insured by Holistic Services

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