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At the start of family life
Antenatal courses

During labour you burn the same amount of calories per hour as you would running a marathon and, just like taking part in a marathon, preparation is key for a positive experience.

Our local antenatal classes not only offer you an exceptional wealth of professional information delivered in a personal way, they also introduce you to a valuable local network of likeminded people who are on the same journey.

To get the best experience it’s vital to be fully prepared for labour and for the arrival of your amazing baby.

Why do an antenatal course?

The aim of our unbiased and tailor-made antenatal classes is to ensure you are fully informed and feel confident at every stage, so you can make the best choices for you and your baby. Included are four weeks of coffee meet ups exclusive to each group, helping to kindle friendships which are invaluable over those first incredible weeks of being a parent.


The courses provide an environment where couples can share their feelings and dilemmas of approaching parenthood and explore ways of making their birth experience one to cherish. We aim to make you feel prepared for birth and able to approach the postnatal period with increased confidence.

Ultimately, the objective of the courses is simple


To give you as much information and confidence as you need so you can make the choices right for you, giving you the best chance of having the kind of birth experience you want!

This 18 hour course will educate you fully on all aspects of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We will empower you to make the best choices for you and your baby. Every course is different as Debra works with the group to personalise the course according to their needs, however the following topics are covered in every course:


  • Pain management; including relaxation, breathing techniques, massage, positions for labour and birth, as well as working together as a team.

  • The physical processes of birth

  • Pain relief, pharmaceutical methods of pain management including epidurals

  • The process of planned and unplanned caesarean sections

  • The partner’s role and how to give effective support and encouragement

  • When labour does not go to plan – induction, assisted birth and instrumental delivery

  • Explore ways of making the experience of birth more positive and comfortable

  • Baby care (bathing, changing nappies, feeding, sleeping etc.)

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding 

  • Baby development – mental and physical

  • Honest discussions about the highs and lows of early parenting, including how your relationship will change and the complexities of introducing your baby to its new family

  • Making informed decisions under pressure


Share the feelings and dilemmas of approaching parenthood

As part of the course there will be a two hour session, led by a trained breastfeeding counsellor, which will cover all aspects of breastfeeding as well as a two hour reunion after all the babies are born. You will also receive a copy of the popular book Preparing for Birth by Andrea Robinson. 


Upon completion, we welcome you to attend an additional four complimentary, practical, interactive sessions.


Hosted in a comfortable home environment, you can continue to meet up with the women from your course. These hands on, informal meetings enable you to re-visit the practical side of the course (baby care, labour positions, writing your birth plan, feeding).


In these sessions, our role is to offer support, information, practical skills and resources to help parents make informed choices for themselves and their baby/babies.

The friendly, relaxed atmosphere enables you to form friendships with fellow expectant parents and a support network that will prove invaluable in the early months of parenting. We find many groups are still meeting years after their babies were born.


On this course we provide an unique opportunity to build lasting friendships with like minded couples who share the same journey.

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Fantastic! – I was concerned about attending the course as I was so tired and thought we could use the money for a nice meal out! However, we did attend and both my husband and I are so pleased we did.


– Christina Langton

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Taster session:
Free early pregnancy class

Let's be honest, once the initial incredible emotion and excitement of finding out that you are pregnant has passed, you are left facing an amazing, yet at times daunting journey! The overwhelming tide of information and well meaning opinion that accompanies pregnancy can be very intimidating, especially when you are feeling all sorts of new emotions. Many niggling little questions at the early stage of pregnancy often do not get the full answers that mothers to be would like to put there minds at ease. At babymatters we offer free pregnancy advice and support at this critical time, so you can come along and get a taste of what our antenatal classes might be like. The classes are open to all women from 6 to 30 weeks pregnant.


The key aims of the class include:


  • Looking after yourself

  • Discussing birthplace options

  • Common concerns during pregnancy

  • Changes during pregnancy

  • Meeting other parents in a similar situation

  • Plus much more

The dates for our next pregnancy class is......

Saturday 1st  Jun'24 from 2.30-3.30pm

Saturday 3rd  Aug'24 from 10am-11.15am

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Register for a free taster session: 


If you would like to register for an early pregnancy class please send me an e-mail to or please fill in the form below

Thanks for submitting!

At BabyMatters we are proud to be...

A registrant of FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators), National Registration Number: 11884

A member of IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage)

Insured by Holistic Services

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