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This 18 hour course for couples will educate you fully on all aspects of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We will empower you to make the best choices for you and your baby.

Class teacher: Debra Jonckers

Course content:

This course includes a dedicated 2 hour breastfeeding session which covers all aspects of breastfeeding led by a trained breastfeeding counsellor. Debra works with each group to personalise the course according to their needs.  As a result every course is slightly different, however she will normally expect the following topics to be included in every course:

  • Role of the partner

  • Physical processes of birth

  • Technological help hospitals have to offer

  • Pain relief – ‘The Drugs’

  • Self help pain management, including relaxation and breathing techniques, massage, positions for labour and birth, using water as pain relief during labour and birth

  • Understand the process of planned and unplanned caesarean sections

  • Discussing the feelings and dilemmas of approaching parenthood

  • Exploring ways of making the experience of birth more positive and comfortable

  • All aspects of breastfeeding and bottle feeding

  • Babycare (bathing, changing nappies, feeding, sleeping, etc.)

  • How to make decisions that are right for you as a couple

As part of the course there will be a 2 hour session, led by a trained breastfeeding counsellor, which will cover all aspects of breastfeeding as well as a 2 hour reunion after all the babies are born.

Plus you’ll receive a copy of the popular book Preparing for Birth by Andrea Robinson.

On completion of your course, you are welcome to attend our series of 4 sessions post course. Each complimentary session is 2 hours, practical and interactive.

Set in a comfortable home environment, not only can you continue to meet up with the women from your course, but these hands on, informal meetings enable you to re-visit the practical side of the course (baby care, labour positions, writing your birth plan, feeding) with Vicky who has recently become a mum.


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