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Our Birth Matters courses consist of 6 sessions. Please select a course accordingly to your due date. The next courses with availability are:

Starting Thursday 29th Feb'24 7.30pm

For babies due Apr/May

Starting Thursday 18th Apr'24 7.30pm

For babies due May/June

Starting Thursday 6th Jun'24 7.30pm

For babies due Jul/Aug

Starting Tuesday 23rd Jul'24 7.30pm

For babies due Aug/Sep

Starting Thursday 29th Aug'24 7.30pm

For babies due Oct/Nov

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Baby massage

Our Baby Massage courses are made up of six sessions which last two hours. The next courses with availability are:

Starting  Thursday  29th Feb'24 10-12pm

Starting  Thursday  2nd  May'24 10-12pm

Starting  Thursday  18th Jul'24 10-12pm

Starting  Monday  12th Aug'24 10-12pm

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Family first aid

Our First Aid course is one session which lasts three hours. The next courses with availability are:

Saturday 9th Mar'24 1-4pm

Saturday 1st Jun'24 1-4pm

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