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Providing families with first aid skills
Family first aid

Life is precious and so are the skills and confidence to save one.


All too often we assume that there will be someone on hand to call for help if we need some emergency care.


However, there are times when some simple first aid training and skills can save your baby or a family member’s life or prevent life hindering injuries.


Our Family First Aid course is aimed at giving you the skills and confidence to treat some common occurring situations. The course is suitable for parents, expectant parents and carers of babies and young children.


Give yourself the precious gift of knowing that you can make a huge difference to someone’s life.

Course content
  • Primary (dealing with an emergency) care

  • Prevention – making your home safer for your baby growing into toddlers

  • Scene safety – looking after yourself

  • Unconsciousness (breathing and not breathing)

  • Infant and child recovery position

  • Infant and child rescue breaths, resuscitation and CPR

  • Infant, child and adult choking

  • Drowning

  • Bleeding and embedded objects

  • Breaks and dislocations

  • Burns

  • Seizures and epilepsy

  • Where to get help and what medical services are available 


Learn through demonstration on resuscitation dolls and teaching aids and then practice your skills in small groups until you feel confident that you are doing it right!

Why do a Family First Aid Course?

  • 500,000 children under the age of 4 are injured in the home every year

  • 130,000 children are injured in the garden each year

  • One million children aged 14 and under go to A&E every year following an injury in the home

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The opportunity to use my new first aid skills arose sooner than I hoped for as during weaning my baby started choking…… I know that if I had not done the course I would have panicked but the course gave me the confidence to stay calm, apply what I had learnt and help him. I am so happy I took the First Aid Matters course and I would recommended any parent to do so for peace of mind.


– Katie Wilson

At BabyMatters we are proud to be...


A registrant of FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators), National Registration Number: 11884

A member of IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage)

Insured by Holistic Services

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