Welcome to Baby Matters, and most importantly congratulations! You are on a very exciting journey for you, your baby and your loved ones and I’d be delighted to share it with you. As the name suggests, Baby Matters covers all things to do with birth and beyond and my aim is to help you throughout that journey step by step to ensure you are fully informed and have the very best experience.

My relaxed informal and tailor-made classes are run at home or at lovely local sites in and around Maidenhead, Berkshire to ensure that you are comfortable and can really get the most out of the courses.

Antenatal courses

You wouldn’t expect to start a new career or take part in a sporting event without doing some homework and training first to prepare, would you? This is no exception. To really get the best experience it’s vital to be fully prepared for labour and for the arrival of your amazing baby.

Our local antenatal classes not only offer you an exceptional wealth of professional advice delivered in a friendly and informal way, they also introduce you to a valuable local network of likeminded people who are on the same journey.

Being new to the area as well as being pregnant with our first baby,  baby matters / birth matters – gave us a clear understanding of what to expect not only in looking after our newborn, but looking after mum during and after delivery as well as embracing our new family dynamics.

Suria Darley

Debra’s ante-natal courses gives up to date information and encouragement and allows both mums and dads to be, to form a unique and much needed support group during this challenging life changing event!

Dr Susanna Hayter GP

Free Antenatal Taster Sessions

Lets be honest, once the initial incredible emotion and excitement of finding out that you are pregnant has passed, you are left facing an amazing, yet at times daunting journey, through to the final day that your bump becomes your baby!

The overwhelming tide of information and well meaning opinion that accompanies pregnancy can be very intimidating, especially when you are feeling all sorts of new emotions. Many niggling little questions at the early stage of pregnancy often do not get the full answers that mothers to be would like to put there minds at ease.

At Birth Matters we offer free pregnancy advice and support at this critical time, so why not come along and at the same time get a taste of what our ante natal classes might be like. The classes are open to all women from 6 to 30 weeks pregnant.


There are some great movers on this video, just something to make you smile on a Monday morning…enjoy! https://t.co/FtPIdvW8zT

What healthy breakfast options can I offer my child? This is a great question and this article has some great ideas. Share yours below too… https://t.co/Ta1b4Sul7S https://t.co/Ta1b4Sul7S

The lovely Olivia is coming to baby cafe ( Wednesday 11.30-12.30 st Mary’s church) is coming to talk about hand and feet moulding and what you can do with the images.

As us mums know, toddlers tend to develop a language all of their very own! However, while it is a sign that they are trying to talk, there are plenty of other things you can do to help their... https://t.co/K6ByXofBXw

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